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Being a contrary, why not live in "they-selves" if the "our-selves" is so painful?If I was designing a new way of existing, would I elect to be aware of "being" and why? My body is a fusion of the outside world and an internal reality.The word senile has become associated with dementia, although its earlier meaning was "pertaining to old age." In the late 1900 neuroscientists were still referring to the term as old age hence "senile dementia." the it changed and senile become a derogatory term.Such stereotypes pervade our social life and we need to start eroding this negativity.Is this science or are we finding psychological excuses to not face the reality of an individual's pain and anguish?The finding that cancer is inversely associated with Alzheimer's disease has the biochemists in a frenzy to understand this relationship.Such investments, as property, are the sole provider for most vulnerable, frail minority older adults.

Why is Dasein--being in the present-- so important for Heidegger?But this observation has a more exciting theoretical implication.The implication is that Alzheimer's disease is determined by homeostasis, a balance.The US Constitution protects citizens from seizure of property.Our Social Security contributions are an investment for our retirement.

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Series in Social Policy, Community and Regional Development. Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health, Vol. Sex and Age Differences in the Association of Obesity and Smoking with Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes in Southern California American Indians, 2002–2006. (2010) Obesity and Other Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and their Association with Osteoarthritis in Southern California American Indians, 2002–2006. Journal of Population Ageing Online first, April, 2013)Wozniak D, Yuen L, Garrett MD & Shuman TS. International Symposium on Herbal Medicine: A Holistic Approach.

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