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Andrea, 37, has just written a book on living a pain-free life, and she is unfortunately well placed to tackle the subject.

While searching for a cure for the persistent and debilitating lower back problems that had plagued her since she was 15, Andrea tried healing, acupuncture, massage, and personal trainers who specialised in back problems - all to no avail.

"I think she's gorgeous, but beauty will fade, and it's how the person is an individual that lasts.

On one of our first trips to Blackpool, I noticed that she has a magic way about her, and when she engages with people, even strangers, she really cares and it's palpable." Andrea's career began at Windmill Lane Studios, where she did everything from post-production to managing the sound studio.

There was a huge chemistry between them and they chatted nonstop all night, but Andrea clearly didn't harbour romantic plans as they got food afterwards and she ordered garlic chips.

"I told him it didn't matter, because I wasn't going to kiss him or anything else," she laughs.

So in her case, pain wasn't a symptom of what was wrong, it was a disease in its own right.To see Andrea Hayes in the flesh, all blonde and radiant and effervescent, you'd never think there was anything wrong with her.You'd scarcely imagine that beneath the bubbly, warm exterior lies someone who lives with constant pain, as she utterly refuses to let it define her.She also worked in Lillie's Bordello as a part-time hostess.Her dad Brian became ill around that time and died in 2005 of kidney cancer aged 58, but David asked his permission to marry Andrea before he passed.

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