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If you haven’t read our report on using an Ultrabook as a desktop, take a look now.

Ultrabooks cover all the bases when it comes to daily computing and there’s some good options out there for making the desktop life even better. The Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 that we’ve been testing for the last few weeks gives you that and a whole lot more.

While these ‘virtual’ display adaptors aren’t useful as gaming displays or high-end video displays, they work perfectly for work scenarios.

As you can see from the image above, the 2011 model Toshiba Z830 is able to drive the internal display, an HDMI or VGA display from the onboard HD3000 graphics module and two displays (HDMI and DVI) via the Dynadock; a total of fours displays.

If you'd like to translate the DVD FAQ into another language (Klingon, anyone? It's the most accurate source of DVD information in this galaxy.Ultrabooks, even the new Ultrabooks with HD4000 graphics are already limited to one-screen casual gaming so adding more screens with limited bandwidth and a CPU overhead is a no-no.As for that CPU overhead, yes, it’s there and it could be significant for some of you.One of the ‘tricks’ of the Dynadock is to provide 2 display ports that appear as true display adaptors on the Ultrabook.The display adaptors use a transfer technology from Display Link which compresses the display data for quick and low-latency transmission over a USB cable to the Display Link video hardware in the Dynadock.

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