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The Aecon management team and friendly Bermudian Skyport employees will remain in place and the new airport will be completed on time and on budget with the guarantee of the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

We look forward to delivering a state-of-the-art terminal in 2020.

Motorists are asked to avoid parking in the cordoned-off area to avoid possible flood damage to their vehicles.

Skyport spokeswoman Mikaela Pearman stated: We would like to advise vehicle owners to take extra caution when parking at the airports long-term lot as Bermuda Skyport will not be responsible for any damage to vehicles.

Skyport Security officers and BFRS personal conducted a thorough investigation of the affected area and a security sweep of the terminal. Lovitta Foggo, Minister of Government Reform, told the House of Assembly that the move was forced by the airport redevelopment contract, which stipulated that the Post Office and Customs would have to move by the end of this month or pay rent to developers Aecon.

This agreement will create value for our shareholders and enhance Aecons capabilities and growth potential, something that were very excited about.

By joining the third-largest construction company in the world, Aecon and Skyport will ultimately benefit from enhanced capabilities and financial resources. This sale will have no impact on the day-to-day construction of the new airport terminal or Skyport.

This particular website seen here is one of the 124 in-depth and unique web-files about Bermuda produced solely by the private-sector Bermuda Online and includes very extensive historic information about this entirely US taxpayer-paid airport and its US Military origins not on the Government's Airport website.

Responsible for the regulation and safety oversight of aviation in Bermuda and all aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.

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