Liv sex cam mk

Fuji X100S – not pictured here as I leant it to my wife.

On the other flash I have a ball bungee attached to strap it to a chair leg or small child, a trigger and a mini stand.

I admit that I do go through the same torturous “wow look at that picture…

I need that lens/camera/gadget/photographer’s brain…” as every other gear loving photographer out there, but somehow I’ve managed to resist the temptation to turn my camera bag into an arsenal of unnecessary glass and electronics. I’ve handled a hell of a lot of camera bags in my time. There are many great looking, some might say hipster camera bags on the market, and several I’ve personally reviewed on this site.

I use it very rarely but is invaluable for those odd instances where I can’t stand back far enough to fit everything in with the 35mm.

Nikon SB-700 x 2 – nothing to say about these really. On one of them I permanently attach a Magmod grid with a half CTO gel which I use on the dance-floor for a harsh vignetted direct-flash look.

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