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A uniform filing system is important for the following reasons: Rules of filing apply to the correct applications and use of guides, folders, labels, index cards and equipment.

These elements are vital to an effective and efficient filing system and assist in the location and retrieval of records.

Since declarations are the Parliament's version of royal proclamations, use both genre/form terms.

This article is about cataloging legal documents emanating from, or principally recording the activities of, the governments of England, England and Wales, Great Britain, Scotland, and Ireland in the early modern period. & 1.c.6 245 13 An act for removing and preventing all questions and disputes concerning the assembling and sitting of this present Parliament. In the first year of Their Majesties reign, this act passed the royal assent 246 13 Coronation Oath Act 1688 500 Leaf A2r: last word of the first line of text: ’all’; first word of line below initial: ’Enacted’; last word of last full line of first page of text: ’Commons’. 1652] 500 Page 1544 dated and signed: Wednesday the 4th of February, 1651 [i.e. Written in Law French (language code roa), they were reprinted through the end of the 17th century. ǂb Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I), ǂe issuing body. 1642-06-16 245 10 His Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects, occasioned by a false and scandalous imputation laid upon His Majesty of an intention of raising or leavying war against his Parliament, and of having raised force to that end ...

In addition to providing guidelines for different types of government documents, this article documents Folger catalogers' deliberate deviation from Resource Description and Access (RDA) in formulating authorized access points. Bibliography of royal proclamations of the Tudor and Stuart sovereigns and of others published under authority, 1485-1714. 246 1 ǂi Title page reads: ǂa Anno regni Gulielmi et Mariae Regis et Reginae Angliae, Franciae & Hiberniae, primo.

This color would be the same on all guides and folders until the next primary indexing unit begins.

Open-shelf filing systems require the following file supplies: Guides may not necessary in color-coded, open-shelf filing systems because the change of colors indicates the change of subject.

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The PRIMARY INDEXING UNIT uses the color-coded numeric label.

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