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Johnny began educating himself about Social Dynamics and incorporating the concepts he learned into his day-to-day life.Soon after, he began coaching for a small Social Dynamics company out of Washington, DC; it was then that he met AJ & Jordan.At the time, she was in her early twenties, had a thin face, huge brown eyes, gorgeous long dark hair, olive skin, and a figure like a coke bottle. At that point in my life I had never met a celebrity, and since we worked together, I assumed that she hadn’t either.“Is that really who it says it is? He had seen her in the crowd, and he wanted to meet her, so he sent someone out to bring her backstage.“Are you going answer it? And as a man, you want to start building this connection the moment that you meet her.Every time I saw her in public, men’s heads spun around when she walked past. In Deebe’s case, this rock star tried to use his fame as a crutch, and it failed.

If you are single person--male or female--looking for a relationship, you are sure to receive many mixed messages during the course of your search.

From her perspective, it was easier to give this guy her number, and not to answer his calls, than it was for her to reject him backstage at his concert while he was surrounded by his entourage, and risk creating an awkward situation.

This example is extreme, but women do this all the time.

Be careful getting invested in someone you have only spent five minutes getting to know.

You have to actively allow yourself not to think about them.

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