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The idea that students can date their professors is becoming increasingly normalized on college campuses.Freshmen Veterinary Technology student Ajiona Lunsford, explained her mother’s personal experience in which her relationship with her professor extended beyond the classroom.Of these people, 14 percent “boldly” – and under anonymity – said they have had inappropriate relations with a professor.Out of the 14 percent, 45 percent said those relationships were prompted by the professor or faculty member.

These types of students who do so endanger other student-teacher relationships.For justified reasons, there are many students who are scared to grow close to their professors in fear that boundaries may be crossed.It is traditionally considered taboo to pursue these types of relationships with professors.Though she was not seeking special treatment from her professor, when adults interact in this close setting, it is easy for certain signals to get lost in translation.At the university level, it’s likely that students will have professors close to their age.

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The teaching assistant sided with Suplita in a letter she wrote to EOO officials.

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