Scott michael foster who is he dating

“And so we have a lot of fun making fun of that.” Another fun aspect of Nathaniel’s arrival: his unique perspective on Josh Chan.

“I’m like, I’m not gonna spend my day updating my social media,” she told The actress previously dated actor Christopher Masterson (the brother of her That ’70s Show costar Danny Masterson) for years, but the two split in 2007.

So an aggressive he-man captain of industry from an ultra-wealthy family… So I’d like to do that.’ The song and dance aspect…

it just felt like another muscle I was able to stretch.” He didn’t need to be scared, though; Mc Kenna says he fit in perfectly with the cast from the start.

“It was one of the most undeniable auditions we’ve ever had for any part,” she remembers.

“He just so perfectly embodied the kind of crisp, cold, emotionless [guy], but with this sort of soulfulness and intelligence and slight brokenness…

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