Serial monogamy dating

I thought he just broke up with Lorelai at last week's LARP after she accidentally cut off his phonytail...

Stewart: Yeah, that's the way it's always been.

Abbreviating the single period helps us avoid asking any questions of an existential nature.

Many of the relationship addicts that I read this definition to said there was truth in it.

We're not being so subversive as to reject the idea of monogamous relationships altogether (gasp! But not every serial monogamist I know has been thinking about cultural expectations and evolutionary tendencies.

"Sometimes it just seems easier to dive right into the next relationship than to spend some time figuring out what I did wrong."3. "That’s what motivates me to go out and try it again."The country rallied behind Obama's campaign for change.

It appealed to our understanding of the power that change can have on our lives—and this goes for relationships, too.

When he broke up with me, he started dating that hussy Lorelai within three days.

He pursued her as if he were Cerberus hunting a soul fleeing across the Euphrates.

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People behave as if the relationship is everlasting, and they really hope that it will be, even though it's almost always for a limited time.

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