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Kaiba was about to accept a challenge to duel Gozaburo before Seth accepted for him.During Seth's duel with Gozaburo, Kaiba advised Seth not to let Gozaburo discard his hand.Kaiba just barely manages to catch Ishizu, and he tells Ishizu that he loves her. Three years after Seth was born, Yugi arrived to ask Kaiba for help, which he gave after learning that Yugi's children, Tag and Anzu, were kidnapped by Rex and Weevil, so he used his satellite to find them since he was able to move past his grudge against Yugi.Eight years after helping Yugi find his children, Kaiba and Ishizu had Isis, and a further five years after that, Kaiba invited Yugi, Joey, Mai, and their children to the Tokyo Duel Monsters convention where he revealed an invention of Corin Fudo's, the Duel Runner.Kaiba then watched Tag's duel with the kidnapper, Mel Tyrone, and clenched his fist at the duel's apparent outcome.After Tag won, Kaiba called the police on Mel for kidnapping and attempted murder. Kaiba later got a call from the kidnapper about where he was, and Kaiba then told Seth, who went off to confront him and save Isis.Kaiba then assured Isis he was okay before reluctantly letting the rest of the gang return home on his jet with his and Yugi's families.Kaiba then lost control of the jet as it was pulled into a new Virtual Fortress and was shocked to find that they were held captive by Gozaburo.

The night before Ishizu and her brothers would go back to Egypt, Kaiba was given a vision by his previous incarnate, Seto.

He then announced an exhibition duel between Corin and Yugi to test it out, which Yugi won.

The next day, Kaiba was told by Seth about Yugi and Tag being kidnapped, and he had Seth tell everyone at the convention to keep them alert.

In the two years since the Pharaoh left the living world, Kaiba and Mokuba are currently the only people left in Domino who know what happened due to everyone else either being in America or on vacation in China.

Because of that, Kaiba's forced by Mokuba to welcome the Ishtars back to Japan when they arrive there.

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