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Probably Kevin Hart because I want to know what it is like to not be able to get on a roller coaster and to just be mad and short (laughs) What other business ventures are you working on? You sound busy with all the different ventures but if you did have downtime are you dating and what kind of qualities would you look for in a lady?Right now I’m getting ready to open up the Wildn Out sports bar and comedy club. Opening up for Dave Chapelle one time, it was like 2004 yeah 2004 and it was such a rowdy crowd and I went out there and like Dave Chapelle show he used to make fun – he had this skit where his son would be like Nick Cannon is hilarious and the son be like fuck Nick Cannon and before I could even get a joke out on stage the audience was like fuck Nick Cannon I was like great this isn’t going to work, but it was cool. Right now because that is not my focus – I don’t know it would probably be someone who was really understanding about my schedule and thought process and kind of content with allowing me to be me and work through my space as opposed to like someone I don’t have to necessarily have to answer to or feel contrived or anything that will formulate.Definitely and with social media people have instance access to say negative things to you directly – as well as positive. I am a comedian so I understand where something is funny if you are joshing or jesting with somebody but if you are trying to hurt someone I don’t understand the purpose.People always want to tear each other down to build themselves up but you don’t really need to do that.With all your ventures and the recent separation how do you manage to juggle that alongside fatherhood?You know what family is number one, I am a father first and foremost that is a number one priority and you know even everything I do or whatever I am building is kind of linage or whatever it is I do or generating income or just the way I present myself it is always for the benefit of my children you know, and knowing that I have people that I am responsible for.– which is a revival of the 1980s MTV series and is also promoting singer Kreesha Turner, a Canadian-Jamaican artist signed to his label. Oh man so many things; I am getting ready to direct my next film so I am excited about that. It’s a romantic comedy that we start shooting in March so excited about that. That is a surprise but it will be a multi-cultural ensemble that we are putting together.

The lupus foundation is something near because 2012 I was diagnosis with lupus so something like that is always close.Its funny I call myself an ‘entrepretainer’ just kind of a mix of the entertainment and business mind.It is one of those things that we are blessed with everything going on today age of technology and the accessibility that you can create your own empire you can create your own stardom whether it is content or product whatever it is.I’ve just launched incredible motor sports so those are businesses that I am excited about. I want someone who will understand let’s just go with the flow and enjoy each other. I am looking to do wild and out UK, we did 10 years in the states with this so it is probably time to bring this to the UK and get some UK comedians going.

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