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Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to list which items are linked to which Apple IDs.The rule of thumb is that if an app won’t download or a song, movie, or TV show won’t play, it’s most likely linked to another Apple ID.To solve the problem go to the App Store and scroll to the bottom, the ID there should be yours, if it's your wife's then just touch it and sign out, and sign in using yours, then go download those apps that you want using your account, and delete the old ones bought using your wife's account. A warning, though: if you delete them, for some apps, data will be removed. i Phone asks for different account even after i cancelled that account, and also apps that have been installed using my current account keep asking the invalid account.For example some games use game accounts to track purchases and you can restore them, but for some if you delete and re-install them they will treat you as a new user. hence I am unable to install or upgrade ANY application from appstore.

In other words, there are purchased items on your i Phone that are linked to that person’s Apple ID, and your i Phone won’t let you access them without permission from the person who originally purchased them.

The only solution i found is to jailbreak the device and install all apps via Installous. You either didn't really install those apps using your current account (you have to delete the original, then re-purchase them with your new account), or you still have the old account set as your default in your i Phone and/or i Tunes. In i Tunes, click on i Tunes Store on the left, then check your id in the bar on the right.

Go to Settings, then Store, then scroll to the bottom and check your Apple ID.

But you don’t know the password for this Apple ID or you have installed the app via v Share or other app downloading tool.

In this article, we will help you to resolve this issue and teach you how to link your Apple ID to the apps you will install in your phone to stop App Store asking for wrong Apple ID & password.

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